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Modern Life's "NO PLACE LIKE HOME" is a rock record featuring 8 new songs performed by the bands three piece lineup of Justin Arroyo (Bass) Alan Williams (Drums) and Rocco Sait (Guitar, Vocals).


released December 25, 2015

Rocco Sait
Alan Williams
Justin Arroyo

Mixed by Josh Roman at Mind Rocket studio
Mastered by Paul Logus at PRX mastering

Photo by Hannah Woodroofe



all rights reserved


Modern Life Youngstown, Ohio

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Track Name: The Con
you can borrow five bucks
if you need five bucks
if your gonna buy drugs
i might not wanna see you again
i know you'll understand

you can have my love
you can spit and soil my love
but if your gonna destroy what
good may be inside of you
is it you im talking to
or is it the other guy inside

do you hear a siren
every time im talkin
why do you hide then

i am not a cop car
it is you who appears in uniform
is it you im talking to or
is it the other guy inside
that wants to destroy you

there's three of us now
laying yourself on a carpeted crucifix
is not how this started out

are you the evil one?
angel on my shoulder huh?
are you the evil one?
or are you the controller?

i know you want to kill us both
but a part of me still says no
i know you'd love to break us down
Track Name: Wait Forget it Nevermind
Whatever you are i'll say thanks
whatever your not no big deal
whatever you want you can have

doesnt that sound easy?
its supposed to be

whatever i want i will take
having learned from previous mistakes
whatever you think you have given to me
i have learned to do this gracefully
no , thank you, please

if your gonna stay
stay quiet
if you must say well
dont say too much
or you'll ruin it for the both of us
wait, forget it , nevermind

when you love for the sake of a love thats been before
and enter a state of automated chore
when the music stops but you just cant quit dancing
thats when sweetness leaves
in utter disbelief
its the thought alone that you have been romancing
and it goes without a fight
no apology no brilliant speech
just a hollow sweet
empty kiss
Track Name: No Place Like Home
look at the light on the window now
the light on the window is brighter then its ever been in years
why would you want to be somewhere else
you kissed me in third grade on that playground
right there
i mean why would you want to be somewhere else
i dont want to have to
but i will chase you down

if its not enough to have all my love
to start a fire and keep yourself warm
if it dont do the trick ill send a mighty wind
to cool you down
way down

if you want i could say something else
if you want we could try something else
why would we want to do something else
something else wouldnt do
would it

look at the smile on her face now
he kissed her in from of them and made her proud
i mean look at the smile on his face now
the smile on their face is brighter then its ever been

so when they line us up
and they blindfold us
we will shout fire
and beat them to it

when your far away
you'll cry your eyes out and say
there is no place like home
Track Name: Computer Wires
i know it happened fast and i said i needed time
when its right ill know its right
now its a total fucking mess

i didnt mean this doubt
oh my careless open mouth
how it does what it wants
without filtering its thoughts

and in speaking of fears
i must have pushed then pulled you near
until now you appear
for very short amounts of time
and i dont know you when you speak
i want to start that reminding
but you said but you said but i know

and so break it if you must
snap it from the bottom up
turn the daydream back to dust and let it go
if sandmen find it clean
may they once again be seen
and return to us being familiar and close

last night i had a dream i was in an airport reading
and there were wind advisories on the tv screen
i began to think about if the plane circling round
lost control and came down into this building

then just as i thought i mean honest to god
there was complete chaos and screaming

then suddenly it all opened up
the building the sky and my skin
my veins pulled out by a force looked like
computer wires untangling
but tangling all up again
and slowly beginning to form
what looked like a circle inside of a circle
heading towards the sun