Center Of Your Own Universe

by Modern Life

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released December 12, 2010

All songs written and produced by Rocco Sait and Modern Life.
Album Artwork by Alex Shaffo
Album Cover by Modern Life
Recorded by Todd Maki at Dragonfly Studios and by Jimmy Bleacher at Underdog Studios.

Rocco Sait, guitar and vox
Alan Williams, drums
Bethany Matthews, bass

Matt Craig, trombone and tuba
Rick Moose, trumpet
Andy Meyer, flute, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone
Steven Andrew, guitar
Sean Haughey, keys
Sam Buonavolonta, bass and drums on Spanish Gold
Angie and Carly DeNicholas, whistles, laughter, vox
Shaye Cahill, vox
Kyle Donahue, guitar and vox



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Modern Life Youngstown, Ohio

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Track Name: Center Of Your Own Universe
You don’t even wanna be my friend
And all this time I thought you weren’t so bad

You don’t even know my name
Didn’t even ask me for my name

You don’t even know the things you’ve done
Center of your own universe

I don’t really know you
I don’t really care

Water on the shore
I don’t really know you
Track Name: Burn Me A Candle
Burn me a candle, blending the fragrant
Air of a romance and deceit

Burgundy shades an abomination
Darkness upon my weary soul

Touch in the open wounds of a good girl
Tongue down her vodka, poison throat

Build us a temple, love and devotion
And in the center, make it hollow
Track Name: Black Beetle
Black beetle, black beetle
Are you serious?
Black beetle, black beetle
Take yourself seriously

Ten thousand plagues are upon you
And you’re in constant comedy
I’m jealous, so jealous
How can he touch you
In places, soft places
Where I’ve touched you gently

When you held watermelons on your shoulders
And secrets in your stomach
Now blue lights blink with science fiction

Black beetle, black beetle
Are you serious?
Black beetle, black beetle
Take my word serious, please

Ten thousand plagues are upon you
You are in constant misery
Track Name: MANNA
Two men go walking down the same old dirty dusty road
Neither one knowing which way the other will go
Pack your belongings, come and meet your brothers at sea
Take anything you want, brother you know I won’t leave

I hope the sky wherever you are rains manna

They’ll be magic and mysteries, futile to future Japan
Voodoo on lovers who refuse to even hold hands
Mountains that overlook Mediterranean seas
Gypsies in mud huts who talk tongues and know of everything

I hope the sky in that paradise rains manna

Because I’ve been curled up and captured, a dog in a hundred foot cage
The food on the ground and the bed is barely in my name
Brother you know I’d come see you if that was your will
When the wind and the weather and the water is finally still

I hope the sky in that prison yard rains manna